Who's behind Blissful Design & Decor?

Hola amígos! My name is Jessica Vieira, founder and owner of Blissful Design & Decor. I'm a proud mom to three beautiful girls, a grandma to one awesome boy, and a Pinterest and Instagram addict! 

As a Latina from El Paso, Texas, the Tex-Mex culture is a fundamental part of my life and it's sprinkled into everything I do!  Right before relocating to northern Virginia, we lived in Phoenix for 15 years and absorbed so much Southwest culture. It's where my love of the Agave plant grew so I implemented it into my logo.

When I'm not out antique picking, I can be found in my crafting room or burning off energy at a Zumba class. My favorite way of winding down is chatting with family and friends around a dinner table drinking café con leche (coffee) and nibbling on pan dulce (sweet bread)!


Northern VA



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