Who's behind Blissful Design & Decor?

Hola amígos! My name is Jessica Vieira, founder and owner of Blissful Design & Decor. I'm a proud mom to three beautiful girls, a grandma to one awesome boy, and a Pinterest and Instagram addict! 

As a Latina from El Paso, Texas, the Tex-Mex culture is a fundamental part of my life and it's sprinkled into everything I do!  Right before relocating to northern Virginia, we lived in Phoenix for 15 years and absorbed so much Southwest culture. It's where my love of the Agave plant grew so I implemented it into my logo.

When I'm not out antique picking, I can be found in my crafting room or burning off energy at a Zumba class. My favorite way of winding down is chatting with family and friends around a dinner table drinking café con leche (coffee) and nibbling on pan dulce (sweet bread)!

Ok, but why

 wedding rentals?

During my engagement, I was often told that we were "blessed" to have two years to plan our own wedding. The truth, in fact, was that we didn't want to go into debt, but we still wanted all the hopes and dreams Pinterest and Instagram offered (ok, this was just me). 


While planning my happily-ever-after, I realized two hard truths: First, that although we were warned about how expensive a wedding is, we truly didn't realize it until we were looking at piles of receipts for decor we'd only use once, maybe twice (there's only so many places you can have the same lantern in your house without getting called out on it!)  The second, I had no clue what I was going to do with all the decor that took up our dining room, spare bedroom and garage after the wedding. 

After our big day past, I sat with my husband and discussed how exactly we were going to handle all the decor. My heart was breaking thinking I was going to have to take the items to Goodwill! I had developed some pretty strong bonds with those gorgeous centerpieces! 

I thought, instead, that I would donate what I had to another bride and we did just that. I was elated to see our decor at her garden ceremony in D.C. and she returned the items so that I could share with another couple. Thus, the seed of offering couples an affordable option to style their wedding was planted.

I truly enjoy helping couples realize their vision for their special day, but more than that, I realized how much I truly enjoy creating beautiful spaces and building things out of love. I guess I can say that the wonderful by-product of getting married was establishing Blissful Design & Decor. During our engagement, we would often joke that if we could survive planning a wedding, we'd be set for life with each other. Planning an event so important should always be filled with fun and love and I am hoping that we can help make this journey a little easier for you both.

I'm sold! Now what?

So you have a million pictures saved to your Pinterest wedding board - don't worry! I'm here to help you narrow down your ideas, and to create a design plan with pieces that speak to you.

I will set up an in-person meet and greet to discuss your vision, venue and timeline.  We will work with your budget to get the most out of your experience with us and make your day memorable!

Call me directly at 602.828.1971, or email me with your questions at BlissfulDesignDecor@gmail.com. 

I can't wait to hear from you!

Happy Planning,

Jessica Vieira

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