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Flower Wall: The Miley
  • Flower Wall: The Miley


    Luxury White Flower Wall: White Ferns, Hydrangeas, White, Cream and Blush Roses



    Please refer to the F.A.Q. below for important rental details.

    Delivery & Pickup is required and not included in base pricing.


    • Q: What is the size of the flower wall?

      A: Flower wall is 8 feet tall and wide. The base requires 2 feet of clearance if placed by a wall.


      Q: Can we hang signs from the wall?

      A: Yes. A sign can attached to our walls that are lighter than 5.5lbs. Only a Blissful Design Decor employee is allowed to hang signs from our walls and we do this service for nominal fee of $35.


      Q: Do you provide any extensions/cable cords or neon or lit-up signs?

      A: No, the client is responsible for providing cables and enough extension to reach the outlet from the point of the wall placement. Take note that if a sign is hung 7 feet up from the ground, to provide us with an extension long enough to first reach the ground, and then to extend the length required to reach the wall outlet.


      Q: Can we place the flower wall outside?

      A: Yes, provided there is no inclement weather for the day. Our wall is weighted down with 80 lb weights, however since the walls are made of fabric, they will sway with wind. As such, if there are forecasted winds or gusts in excess of 10 mph, the wall will need to be placed inside. We will monitor the weather closely the day before and the morning of. Our main priority to avoid any hazardous conditions to persons in attendance and the venue property and we reserve the right to refuse outdoor placement if there is inclement weather.  


      Q: Can I pick up and set up the wall? If not, what are your delivery options?

      A: All of our backdrops and walls require delivery and setup by Blissful Design Decor employees only. We offer a flat-rate delivery fee of $200, which includes delivery, setting up the flower wall, returning after the event to breakdown and remove the wall. The rental period covers up to 24 hours. For example, If we deliver at 10 AM on Saturday, we will return at 10 AM on Sunday (or sooner, should the venue require it) to pick up our wall. If the wall is being set up outside, we will return the day of the event to pick up the wall as we do not allow our wall to remain exposed overnight.


      Q: Can I move the flower wall from one location to another?

      A: We do not offer nor allow our walls to be moved once set up.

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